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Green Little Fingers – Méiríní Glasa Beaga was set up to encourage children to grow their own vegetables. Our aim at Green Little Fingers is to take the fear out of gardening. So many people say… “oh I would love to do that… but I am not a gardener”…really it’s not hard. We advise start small and grow what you eat. Read More…

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Green Little Fingers

Butterflys-50x50An Irish company offering gardening products for children. Kits include gardening aprons, organic seeds and gift boxes.

Our aim is simple. To encourage children to grow their own vegetables. Many people, (big people that is) are daunted by gardening. It’s really not that hard. We’ll help you to learn to grow your own food. It may not win prizes at Bloom but nothing will compare with the taste of something that you have grown yourself. You don’t need a big garden or loads or time.

A container, soil and a smile, ten minutes and water and you have begun!!
Start small…grow what you eat.
Don’t be afraid to contact us with a question…
Seed, plant, harvest!
Go on give it a go! Bhain trial as!

Somehow in two generations we have become disconnected from the soil and where our food comes from. We believe that if children are not taught this skill now then part of our heritage will be lost . By teaching your children how to grow their own vegetables you are giving them a skill for life.
We passionately believe in our responsibility to live as sustainably as possible. The next time you are in your local supermarket.. why not try this.
Check the origin of a vegetable you are buying. If it’s local then well done…

If not… then consider two things:

1. The air miles it has traveled
2. How is it still looking so fresh?

If you encourage children to grow their own vegetables then not only are they getting a skill but you know that the vegetables contain nothing but goodness.

If you are not totally happy with your purchase, we offer a total refund. No arguments, no hassle.